Did you know that most insurance policies from AutoOwners Insurance offer a Paid-in-Full discount? With this discount you could save BIG money!

To qualify for the Paid-in-Full discount, the entire discounted policy premium must be paid by the due date of your first bill. Although the discount is significant, having to pay the entire premium in one payment can amount to a big chunk of change. But if your cars are insured with Auto-Owners, you may have another option that is easier on your pocketbook! If you choose to have your 12-month auto insurance premium billed on a semi-annual payment plan, you will pay only half of the policy premium by the due date of your first bill. The remaining half will be due with your second bill, six months later. Here’s the great news: You still receive the Paid-in-Full discount!

To ensure you don’t miss out on this discount, you can also choose to set up your billing account on automatic payments. You can elect to have automatic payments charged to your credit card or drawn directly from your bank via electronic funds transfer. It’s a great way to guarantee you will never be late with your payment.

The discount percentage may vary depending on the state you live in or the type of policies you have with AutoOwners. Contact our agency for more information.